Meet Erin

I am a wife and mother who is fortunate to call White Rock, BC home. I am a traveler at heart, a lover of sunshine and feel at home on the beach. I have a passion for interior design and love spending my days with my beautiful family.
My passion for photography started by accident five years ago, when I took some newborn photos of my gorgeous niece. Since then, my love for the craft has only grown.

In photography, I love natural light, and find joy in the little moments that unfold all on their own. It’s the ‘in between’ moments, the candid shots and the cuddles between a family that will tell Your Story.

My approach is to beautifully photograph each element of your story, in a way that is emotive, artful and timeless. I enjoy capturing images that pull the viewer into that very space in time. To me, this profession lets me combine my love of photography with my sense of style, to create beautiful images for my clients.

This is Your Story ~ I’m honored that you’re considering me to be a part of it.