Cake Smash


Jan 12, 2017

“Let them eat cake!”  – Mary Antionette

Baby Girl ~ This Is Your Story ~

Her first birthday was three months ago and she never got her cake smash. So, in true ‘second child’ fashion, we celebrated when we found the time. Little Miss didn’t care that we were late, she was just happy to have her cake! As for me, I will always be happy we took the time to document this for her, and us, as a sweet memory.

She had a little crown that she desperately wanted to take off her head, tiny bare feet because she wouldn’t put on her shoes, a fluffy white cupcake and the sweetest chubby cheeks. This is how I remember her on the day.

She couldn’t believe her good fortune when we sat her in the chair and handed her over the cupcake! Eyes wide and fingers at the ready, her little face broke into a smile and she had her first taste. From there, she just began slowly savoring each bite until it was almost gone. She loved it.

Here’s to the second child, and always doing things a little bit late.

* The beautiful set up in this photo shoot is from the talented Michelle from Paper and Parties

shoppaperandparties or instagram

Cake Smash Cake Smash